Howe Park School

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Welcome to Year 1

Summer 2018

Meet our team:

Robin Class

Miss Massingham

Mrs Jethra


Squirrel Class

Miss Fox

Mrs Jay


Dormouse Class

Mrs Campbell

Mrs Appleyard

Mrs Hankins



Support Staff:

Mrs Zasada

Mrs Heathcote

Mrs Kerr

Mr Norfolk

Mrs Allen

Mrs Gibbs

Mrs Arthur


 Year 1 notices



This week the children will be learning about place value.  They will be using numicon and dienes to look at how many tens and ones make up a number.  The children will then move onto looking at greater than and less than and learning about the symbols.




This week will be a Read Write Inc. week.  The children will be in their new differentiated groups to practise their blending, fluency and comprehension skills. 



This week is our innovate week in topic where we will be using all the skills we have learned this half term to help us become pet detectives.




This week the children will be learning how to solve subtraction word problems, we will be looking at the vocabulary used and practising counting on in our heads.




This week will be a Literacy week.  The children will be learning a new story 'How the Rabbit Got Her Ears', with a specific focus on the adjectives used to describe the animals.  The children will then plan and write their own version of the story about an animal of their choice.


This week we will be starting our new topic 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'.  The children will be going on a butterfly hunt looking for hidden butterflies, they will then compare which ones camouflage better than others and why.  The children will then make their own camouflaging butterfly.


Can we please remind you that at least one of our PE lessons will be outside every week. Therefore could we please request that you make sure your child has suitable PE clothing for both indoor and outdoor use in their bags. It is essential that PE kits stay at school throughout the week and are not taken home after a PE day. All classes PE days are Monday and Wednesday. 


Library Books 

Please can we remind you that school library books should be brought back to school each week, even if your child wishes to keep them. This is so that they can be re-scanned out. Having the opportunity to go down to the library is an exciting opportunity for children and helps to promote the love of reading. 


Many Thanks


The Year 1 team.


Reading will be the basis of our homework over the year, although as the year progresses we will look at introducing spelling. We will also provide a list of possible activities related to our topic that you may wish to complete.

Snacks: The school provides snack every day so the children will not need to supply snacks from home.

Water bottles: Please make sure that your child has a named water bottle in school each day. Children should have water in their bottles rather than juice or squash.