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Welcome to Year 1

Summer 2017

Meet our team:

Robin Class

Miss Massingham

Mrs Jethra


Squirrel Class

Mrs Hothi

Mrs. Spencer

Mrs Jay


Dormouse Class

Mrs Outtram

Mrs Appleyard

Mrs. Thomas



Support Staff:

Mrs Mistry

Mrs. Zasada

Mrs. Heathcote


 Year 1 notices



This week the children will be learning to write a recount of their trip to the Zoo. They will be learning what the main components of a recount are and then thinking about all their different senses to describe what they saw, heard, smelt and touched.


In maths the children will be recovering repeated addition. They will be learning to add by grouping and then will ,move on to arrays at the end of the week. The children will be learning to multiply using the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.


In our topic lessons the children  be looking at the human skeleton. They will be learning about all the different parts and the functions of the main organs. 




Can we please remind you that now at least one of our PE lessons will be outside every week. Therefore could we please request that you make sure your child has suitable PE clothing for both indoor and outdoor use in their bags. It is essential that PE kits stay at school throughout the week and are not taken home after a PE day. Robin and Dormouse class PE days are Wednesday and Thursday whilst squirrels PE lessons are held on a Monday and Thursday. 

 Please remember to join us for our PE open afternoon on Wednesday 24th May to help show the importance of physical exercise. 

Library Books 

Please can we remind you that school library books should be brought back to school each week, even if your child wishes to keep them. This is so that they can be re-scanned out. Having the opportunity to go down to the library is an exciting opportunity for children and helps to promote the love of reading. 


Many Thanks


The Year 1 team.



Suggested links for the phonics screening test:

Reading will be the basis of our homework over the year, although as the year progresses we will look at introducing spelling. We will also provide a list of possible activities related to our topic that you may wish to complete.

Snacks: The school provides snack every day so the children will not need to supply snacks from home.

Water bottles: Please make sure that your child has a named water bottle in school each day. Children should have water in their bottles rather than juice or squash.