Howe Park School

01908 526294

Our class is called Rabbit Class. 


Class Teachers:

Mrs Copeland - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings

Mrs Allen - Tuesday morning

Teaching Assistants:

 Mrs Hankins, Mrs Hoskin, Miss McMillan and Mis Barrass/Mrs Wrottersly


9.15am - Main doors of nursery open. Parents to support with hanging up of coats and bags. Children self register and choose an activity (parents are welcome to stay and support until 9.30am).
9.30am - bells ring, parents leave the building. Children tidy up the area they have been working in.
9.35am - morning greetings, register, birthdays, song of the week.

9.45am-10.00am - move in to small groups for adult led activity.

10.00am-11.50am - Explore and Play time (inside and outside). Free flow snack and milk available between 10.00am and 11.00am.

11.50am-11.55am - Tidy up time.

11.55am-12.05pm - Star of the Day, stars and values from home, nursery rhymes, story time.

12.05am-12.15pm - prepare to go home.