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Autumn Term 1


What are we learning about next week?


After our fantastic visit from the Planetarium, next week the children will be writing a recount based on the moon landings.  We will be thinking abut using time connectives and the correct tense.



We are learning about addition and subtraction this week, we will be focusing on the use of number bonds to 20, and then use these to derive other addition and subtraction facts.  The children will be adding 10 and multiples of ten to any 2 digit number.  They will also learn that addition summers can be done in any order (commutative law).


The children will come to appreciate how important it is to give instructions in a specific order when dealing with computers.  They will explore this through the use of Beebots and Scratch Junior.


What are we learning about this week?



This week we will be counting in 2,5 and 3s, by singing number rolling rhymes. The children will also be solving problems using their knowledge of place value and estimating and representing numbers on a number line.



We will be continuing to look at the story of La Luna with a focus on writing from the point of view of one of the main characters.  We will be learning how to use expanded noun phrases to make our writing more exciting.



The children will be learning about the seven continents and five oceans and they enjoyed singing along to help them learn the names. 



Today the children were fully immersed in the wonders of the universe as they were taken on a tour around the solar system learning about the features of each planet.  They were shown footage of different astronauts landing on the moon.  The children were captivated by the experience and will enjoy telling you all about it!




This week in maths we have been looking at place value in greater detail. The children have been expanding numbers into tens and ones, learning how to represent numbers in different ways and also ordering a set in ascending and descending order.  



This week we have been settling in to our new phonics groups and learning how to write set 3 sounds and some tricky red words.  In our writing we have been studying the story of La Luna, and exploring the thoughts and feelings of the main characters.  We have also focused on the spelling of past tense verbs.



In topic we have been reminding ourselves of time connectives and using these accurately when ordering events in their day and the history of the world.  The children have written a chronological recount of their day.  We have enjoyed reading their homework about their important life events.


The children have really settled in well and they are impressing their teachers with their hard work and focus.  Well done!


Welcome to Year 2!

Learning Week

We have started our first term with an exciting Learning Week to get all of the children thinking about their own learning styles.  We have learnt about how our brain works and also about different parts of our brain and their functions.  We have been carrying out research into schools around the world and how other children learn differently in different countries.  The children have had the opportunity to explore their artistic side by producing their own interpretation of their thoughts and interests using a range of media. We looked carefully at the work of Oliver Jeffers and then recreated his style by adding the children's own personal interests too.  This week we also thought about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy and the children designed their own obstacle course that would keep their bodies in good health.



This week in maths we have been teaching the children about place value and the size and value of numbers. The children have also been adding and subtracting on a number line and they have all shown their teachers how to set their work out carefully in their maths books.  We have taught the children how to assess their own work each day against the learning objectives, so they are aware of their own personal next steps in their learning.  The children have all made a fantastic start to the year, and have shown us what wonderful learners we have at Howe Park School.

2016 -2107 Literacy

This week we are learning about play scripts. We will be using a Jack and the Beanstalk play script to practise finding our lines as well as using actions and expression. Later in the week we will begin writing our own play script!



In maths over the next two weeks we will be working in our classes concentrating on written and mental addition and subtraction methods.


Topic - The Great Outdoors

In our topic lessons this week we have been learning about plants and how seeds are dispersed in different ways. Did you know that some seeds explode out of their pods to find a new place to grow? And some seeds even have tiny hooks to help them stick onto animals or people before they drop off somewhere new.