Howe Park School

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World Book Day 2023..

Nursery and Foundation Farm visit 2023

Nursery Jubilee Snack May 2022

Y1 drumming workshop March 22

Foundation Farm Visit March 2022

Author visit for World Book Day 3 March 2022

Foundation Hot Chocolate Afternoon

Foundation Sports Day 7 July 2021

Y1 and Y2 sports days 7 July 2021.

We raised money for the NHS charities by dressing up as keyworkers and making a donation. It was great fun...

Our Art Gallery showed the work we did  during Art Week on Georges Seurat, Georgia O'Keeffe and Romero Britto.  Can you tell which is which?

NSPCC Number day 7 May 2021

Well done to all those who wore numbers and paid a donation to the NSPCC

Grief Awareness Week

Thank you to all the people who dressed up today and raised money for Harry's Rainbow. You all looked fantastic!