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Welcome to Year 2! 

Autumn 2 2021



This week in English we will be learning to write and questions using full sentences. We will be developing our reading skills and ability to use what we have read to answer questions. We are also learning to describe a setting using exciting adjectives and be able to use commas in a list.


In our topic lessons we are learning about Castles. We will be learning about who used to live in a castle and who worked within them. We will be looking at how castles have changed over the time and the reasons for this e.g they were easily attacked.  The children will also be investigating how to build a stable bridge using different resources and understand how we can make them strong, stiff and stable. 


In Maths we will be learning to add two two-digit numbers using the column addition method. The children will understand that we always start with the ones number first in preparation for when the numbers bridge the ten. 

Autumn 1 Term 2021

Welcome to the Year 2 page! We hope you had a lovely summer. Here you will find information all about what the children will be learning each week. 



In English the children will be basing their writing on the story of Peter Pan. The children will have the opportunity to see some clips from the film to help inspire their independent writing. The children will be encouraged to use capital letters and full stops correctly as well as using their knowledge of adjectives to help make their writing more engaging for the reader. 


In Maths this week we will be learning to add and subtract a two digit and single digit number which cross the ten. eg. 34 + 8. 


Our topic lesson this week will be looking at compass directions and ensuring children are familiar with the key vocabulary North, South, East and West. They will also get an opportunity to reflect on all the things they have enjoyed learning about this half term. 



In English next week we will be looking at the text 'The man whose mother was a pirate'. We will be learning to understand new vocabulary and answer comprehensive questions. We will also start to look at alliteration and poetry. 


In Maths we will begin by finding bonds to 100. We will then move on to adding ones to a given number which don't bridge the 10 before adding and subtracting 10. To finish the week be will be learning to add by making 10. e.g 8+5 5 can be partitioned into 2 and 3.  8+2=10   +3= 13. 


This week we are having a science focus. We will be looking at what our bodies need in order to be healthy. We will then be designing a healthy meal for sailors using the NHS eatwell plate. 



Can we begin by saying a big thank you for all your lovely pictures of the boats children have been making at home. We have loved seeing them and hearing about all the different materials children used. There was not one boat that looked the same, we were very impressed!


In maths this week we will be moving on to a new unit called addition and subtraction. As part of this we will begin by looking at fact families and number bonds. We will be then using our knowledge of the inverse operation to help us check our calculations are correct. e,g if we know that 5 + 4= 9 then 9-5 must equal 4. 


In English we will begin to link our topic learning into our writing. We will be using adjectives to write a descriptive message in a bottle to explain what life was like at sea during Captain Cook's era. We will also begin moving on to the life of Grace Darling. 


Our topic lessons will begin looking at how things have changed over time. We will be comparing famous sailors with Ellen MacArthur and discovering how life was very different. We will also be looking at what we need to be healthy and comparing it to what it was like on board the Endeavour. Finally we will move on to look at Grace Darling and explore what she did which makes her inspirational today. 




In maths we will be beginning a new programme called 'Mastering Number' which will help the children to visualise numbers and understand that numbers are made up of other numbers.  We will also be beginning to add numbers together to find the total.


This week we will be learning about the explorer and navigator Captain James Cook.  We will be reading non-fiction books about him and his voyages around the globe.  We will be incorporating lots of drama including freeze framing and hot seating.  By the end of the week we will have written a message in a bottle asking other sailors for help!


 In topic we will be looking at maps of the world, naming the continents and the oceans.  We will be finding out information about other current day explorers and those from hundreds of years ago.



This week in Maths we are going to begin looking at comparing numbers using the less than, greater than and equal to symbols. We will also be learning to use a place value chart and ordering object and numbers using key vocabulary. 


In English we are going to continue looking at the story Meerkat Mail. The children will be learning to use new vocabulary to write a postcard to the main character in the story- Sunny. They will then begin to look at what a verb is and start to write and answer questions. 


This week we will begin looking at the properties of materials and what makes them appropriate for a particular purpose on a boat.e.g glass is transparent so we can see through it, plastic is light and flexible. The children will also start to look at the countries that make up the United Kingdom, the capital cities and surrounding seas. 




This week in Maths the children will be looking at place value. The children will be learning to represent numbers to 100 using tens and ones and will be attempting to represent numbers in more than 1 way. eg. 35 could be 3 tens and 5 ones, 2 tens and 15 ones, 1 ten and 25 ones or simply 0 tens and 35 ones. 



In English the children will have a massive focus on using capital letters and full stops correctly whilst also being encouraged to think about their presentation of work. The children will begin to look at nouns and how we can use adjectives to turn our nouns into expanded noun phrases. Please see below for an example.  

                 rabbit - noun 

               the rabbit- becomes a phrase 

           the soft, fluffy rabbit - expanded noun phrase. 


This week we will start to look at our topic Land Ahoy. We will begin by looking at different types of boats and the different moving parts. The children will do some observational drawings and then move on to making a slider to create their very own moving boat. 


               Summer Term 2021


Welcome back after the half term break.  This term's topic is Beat Band Boogie.  We will be completing lots of science investigations related to sound.  We will also be learning to sing songs and play percussion instruments.

In spelling this week we are looking at words with the suffix _ful such as cheerful and successful.

In maths we will consolidate previous learning about addition and subtraction.  The one minute challenges are going well and we are pleased with the increase in the children's speed and accuracy when answering simple questions.

In English this week we will be writing a recount about their activities over the holiday.

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The children have made a great start to the summer term and we are very proud of their positive attitude to learning.

This week we have been focusing on grammar in English.  We have learned about progressive verbs in the past and present tense - I am running, I was running; Marie and Mohammed are drumming, Marie and Mohammed were drumming; Mrs Hill is walking, Mrs Hill was walking.

We have also learned some different homophones and how to spell them correctly.

In maths we have begun learning about fractions which has been fun.  We have found half of a shape and half of an amount.  Next we will be moving onto quarters.

We also did some pond dipping and bug hunting this week which was such fun.

Spring Term 2021


For information about what the Year 2 children will be completing at home, please look under the 'Home Learning' tab above.  Photographs of the work the children complete at home will be posted there in due course.

Autumn Term 2020


The children have enjoyed being very creative this week.  They have concentrated hard on sewing, experienced origami and taken photographs of their friends around school.  It has been a joy to witness the children embrace these new challenges and demonstrate independence skills and growing levels of resilience.

They truly deserve their treat afternoon.

We would like to wish all children, parents and carers a very Happy Christmas and wonderful 2021!



The children worked so hard to learn their lines and songs for the school play and we had great fun performing it. We really hope you enjoy watching their Christmas play when the DVDs come back. 

In English we have been busy planning our own stories based around The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. The children have been able to adapt the story by changing the main characters, the setting and the main event. We can't wait to read their stories next week. 

In Maths the children are finishing the topic of money. We will look at finding change and move on to two step word problems. 



The children have been busy practising their songs and lines for the Christmas Play called 'Baubles'.  We would like to thank the parents for the invaluable help they have given with learning lines at home.

In English this week we have been reading the book 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne.  The children have really enjoyed the suspense in the story.  They have been using sub-ordinating conjunctions in addition to the co-ordinating conjunctions from last week.

In maths we have continued learning about money.  This week the children have been finding totals by adding two or more amounts together.  They also learned how to pay the exact amount of money using coins and notes.




This week we have had a grammar focus. We have been learning how to turn words which are singular to plural by either adding 's' or 'es'. We have also been looking how to use possessive apostrophe (Tom's/ Chris') and co-ordinating conjunctions (and, but, or) in our work. 


We have had so much fun in maths this week looking at money. We have been learning to recognise coins and notes, count money in pounds and pence and make totals using different coins. 


Our Christmas performance rehearsals are now starting to take place. We have been working hard to learn all the songs and practice our lines. We would be really grateful if you could continue to help your child to learn these at home as well. 



This week we have been exploring the features of different traditional tales and focusing on Rapunzel.  The children have sequenced the story and learned the difference between a statement, a question and command and an exclamation sentence.



This is our final week on addition and subtraction.  We have added three numbers together, learned bonds to 100 and looked for number patterns eg 2 + 8 = 10 so 12 + 8 =20 and

22 + 8 = 20.



The children have learned about famous towers from around the world and plotted them on a world map.  These include the CN Tower in Toronto, The Eiffel Tower in Paris, and The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.




This week in maths we are moving onto subtraction. The children will begin to subtract by using the crossing out method. They will then be taught how to subtract using an empty number line and the column method. Towards the end of the week we will be moving on to subtraction where we have to exchange 1 ten for ten ones. 


This week the children will be looking at the book George and the dragon. We will write our own blurb based on this book and design a front cover. The children will then look to describe their dragons using exciting adjectives e.g My dragon has enormous, strong legs and small, amber eyes. They will then use verbs and adverbs to describe what their dragon can do. My dragon can run speedily and fly wildly.    


This week in our topic lessons we will be making our own castles. The children will try to incorporate as many features as they can using what they already know about castles. e.g arrow loops, moat, bailey, keep, battlements, tower etc. They will also be plotting famous towers on a world map.  


Thank you to all parents and children who spent time and energy making AMAZING treasure maps at home!  They are truly awesome and we appreciate all of the hard work which went into making them.  The children have been so proud of their efforts and very keen to share them with their friends.

As we come to the end of this topic, we have been really impressed by how much the children have remembered of what we have learned.  

In English this week we had a treat and watched the Disney cartoon version of Peter Pan.  The children will be writing their own version of the story.

In maths we have been practising adding 1 and taking away 1, adding 10 and takig away 10.  It is very important that the children understand this and can do it quickly and accurately.


We've had another lovely week of learning at school.  The children have been introduced to 'alliteration' in English and have been busy listening out for it when they hear it.  Alliteration is the repetition of the initial sound in words which are next to or near each other.  The rabbit was reading the red book. 

It is also very common in characters' names: Horrid Henry, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants and Peter Pan.

In maths this week the children have been learning to add and subtract numbers.  They are beginning to understand that subtraction is the inverse of addition and that the same three numbers can be used in four different equations:-

        4 + 3 = 7

        3 + 4 = 7

        7 - 3 = 4

        7 - 4 = 3


The children would all benefit from practising the inverse at home. 



The children have really enjoyed learning about pirates over the past couple of weeks.  We have been thrilled with the lovely boats the children made for homework.  The photos you sent in have been shared and are now proudly on display in the classroom.

This week we have been learning about number patterns - counting in steps of 2,3,5 and 10. It has been quite challenging but the children are trying hard.

Thank you for your generous harvest food donations.  We have been amazed at the number of items we have collected.

In English this week we have been learning new vocabulary about pirate ships.  Could you ask your child about what they have learned?

Please don't forget to read at least three times a week with your child and encourage them to do their homework.


Welcome back!  It is great to see the new and familiar faces back with us at school.  Although the environment looks different, the children have settled really well and have adapted to the necessary changes.

This week we have been thinking about keeping ourselves safe in our bubbles and have written our own class rules.  We have also been talking about what is the same and what is different about the inside and outside of our school.

Thank you for the sending in the summer holiday activity.  The children will be sharing what they have done over the summer with their classmates.

In maths the children are learning to recognise numbers from 0 - 100 and partition numbers into tens and ones. For example, 37 is 30 and 7.

Our topic this half term is 'Land Ahoy!'.  We will be learning all about pirates and famous explorers.

The first home learning will be sent home next Friday.