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Howe Park School Uniform

At Howe Park School we believe that a school uniform promotes equality and encourages focus in learning.  We ask all parents to support us in these aims and  ensure that their children comply with the uniform laid out below.  If you have any difficulty obtaining the uniform please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Uniform

Royal Blue Sweatshirt/Cardigan with or without a logo

White Polo Shirt

Black Skirts/Pinafores/Trousers/tracksuit bottoms

Blue check/striped dress (summer) 

Plain Black Shoes or trainers without coloured or white marks

Open toe sandals should not be worn as they do not protect the feet during school activities.


PE kit will be worn for the full day on PE days.  Therefore black tracksuit bottoms and the school royal blue sweatshirt can be worn over the PE kit.

Black shorts and a plain white tee shirt 

Trainers can be of any colour for PE.


Optional blue Howe Park sweatshirts with or without the Woodpecker logo.

Please remember to name all clothing.  

Jewellery and  Hair Accessories

Jewellery should not be worn to school, apart from watches and earring studs/sleepers (maximum of one per ear) which must be removed for PE or covered with micropore tape from home. This is to ensure that children are safe from choking or other accidental injury which can be caused by jewellery.


Hair accessories should be simple and in keeping with the uniform colours.  Large bows or novelty hairbands are not appropriate.  Simple bands to tie long hair back are the only accessory allowed for PE.


In keeping with the ethos of the school uniform, children should not have noticeably dyed hair or wear make up, nail varnish or temporary tattoos for school.


 Our school uniform suppliers for our branded school uniform are Kedaph Schoolwear, Lennox Road,Bletchley, MK2 2HH 

phone: 01908 417142


Items without logos are freely available in supermarkets.

If you would like to purchase some second hand uniform please speak to the school office. We will hold a second hand uniform sale on a termly basis

Branded Book bags and drawstring bags for spare clothes are available to purchase from school reception, although these are not required.  Children may use other bags for these purposes.