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Remember to enjoy playing outside and spend lots of time sharing books with your family too.

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Mrs Cullen and all the Nursery Team


Activites for Nursery Home Learning - Spring 2021



The Big Schools’ Birdwatch

The Big Schools’ Birdwatch is in it’s 20th year and it is a brilliant opportunity to get out into the garden or the park, do some bird watching and talk about what you see.
The RSPB website has downloadable survey sheets with pictures of birds to look out for.

Whilst you’re out there, here are some ideas to talk about with your little ones:
Are the birds big/huge or small/tiny?
What colours are they?
Model the phrase ‘I can see….’ so your child can copy this and add their own ideas
The names of the birds you see e.g. Robin, Sparrow, Blackbird
What are the birds doing? Use specific verbs such as flying, eating, jumping, perching, chirping, drinking.


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Phonics Activities for Nursery