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Calculation Guidelines for Children in Nursery


Children will use practical, investigative, activities through play to develop their understanding of early mathematical concepts including:

  • Counting
  • Number recognition
  • Matching quantity to number
  • More, less, same, equal amounts
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Sharing

The children will have access to the following resources and activities to support their learning:

  • Number rhymes including puppets and books
  • Dice games
  • Comparing Numicon plates
  • Small world number stories
  • Construction- bricks to build towers- more, less
  • Tuff tray with different materials where scoops can be used to fill and empty containers
  • Sorting toys
  • ICT game- more, comparing
  • Role play e.g. playing shops, house garages etc which all involved number in real life situations
  • Jigsaws and puzzles
  • Play dough, pressing Numicon shapes in and other counting and calculating tasks.
  • Beads and pasta on pipe cleaners.
  • Number games such as hopscotch and what;s the time Mr Wolf etc
  • Activities to match numbers to objects.
  • Snack time- counting spoons of cereal into their bowl and hsaring snack equally.
  • Simple marks for tallies to count actions.
  • Junk modelling- how many pieces of tape do you need, 1 more etc.
  • Stories involved with number
  • Using fingers to count